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Episode 003:

In Brand on Broadcasting with Ross Brand, I talk about audio interfaces, what they do and why they are important to the quality of your audio when recording in a computer or streaming to the internet.

I also discuss Sound Devices’ MixPre-3, an audio interface, mixer and recorder. What makes it unique vs competing products is not only the outstanding quality of its Kashmir preamps, but its ability to serve as both a recorder and audio interface at the same time. We wish a very happy 20th anniversary to the team at Sound Devices, a company with a great reputation for making high-quality audio products. I look forward to checking out more gear from Sound Devices at Podcast Movement in Philadelphia later this month. This review of the MixPre-6 by Daniel J. Lewis is very thorough. Sound Devices actually made an update to fix the issue causing one of Daniel’s few criticisms in the otherwise strongly favorable review.

Parts of this episode were recorded on Facebook Live late at night on July 13, 2018 and early in the morning on July 14, 2018. Included in the Facebook video, but not in the podcast for obvious reasons, is an unboxing of the MixPre-3.

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